Online commenting

Lisa Zehner

We appreciate feedback and thoughtful discussion on our stories. However, we do have an online commenting policy. When a story’s comments become inappropriate, commenting will become disabled as it has been for the "U student challenges Cam Gordon for City Council" story.

The comments serve you to express your opinions and discuss issues, not for name calling and personal attacks or swearing. We want to encourage you to continue to engage in discussion on University issues, but do so in an appropriate manner. Below is our commenting policy:


The Minnesota Daily wants to host a forum for discussion regarding issues and stories regarding the University of Minnesota and surrounding communities. However, the online comments should not be used to threaten or defame. This is a place for people to be heard, and want to contribute to discussion. Those who persist to use expletives, inappropriate, racist, defamatory or abusive postings risk losing the privilege to post. Best, Vadim Lavrusik Editor in Chief