Men’s summer style tips

Grant Tillery

Dressing for summer is a daunting challenge, one that most men fail at before even trying.  Style comes easier in winter, spring and fall because there’s an excuse to throw on layers, jackets and accessories.  But in the summer, bro tanks and cargo shorts are the de rigueur uniform.  Instead of falling victim to the usual summer humdrum, here are a few tips to bring your style A-game all summer long.

Do – Wear Shorts: Though I was on a long anti-short crusade, the current weather has led me to change my stance.  Just make sure your shorts are above the knee, are slim fit, and have none of those dopey cargo pockets ballooning out on the side.  You can’t go wrong with J. Crew’s 7” Stanton Short and dressier Bowery Short.  Unis’ Emmett Shorts are a great option for guys willing to drop cashish, and if patterns are your thing, Club Monaco carries 7” shorts that are perfect for both the beach and patio.

Don’t – Wear Flip-flops: They look cheap and tacky, and lack any virtue beside foot breathe-ability.  For your jaunt down the street to the corner store, slip on a pair of Rivieras, the ‘50s inspired French leisure shoe.  If you’re headed to the beach, espadrilles serve a similar function to flip flops, but without the open toe and with a dash of Mediterranean je nai sais quoi.  If you must wear open-toed shoes, spring for a pair of huaraches or, if in the unlikely event you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, leather double-strapped sandals.

Do – Wear short sleeve button-downs and linen: Though a tight T-shirt and lightweight chinos are an excellent summer uniform, certain occasions require additional panache.  Short sleeve button downs add verve to your ensemble, and are a great way to explore prints.  BlackBlue in St. Paul carries several numbers by APC and Norse Projects that are destined to be classic; they’re costly, but supremely light fabric and effortless style transcend price every so often.  At a lower price point, H&M is your friend, especially when it comes to plaid.

Though some may consider linen a geezer fabric, embrace it.  It’s the best way to wear long sleeves during summer and is easy to pull off in bright hues.  Uniqlo offers a phenomenal selection of slim linen shirts for $29.90..

Don’t – Forget your sunglasses: Not wearing sunglasses in the summer in heresy, especially since they lend movie-star mystique to the wearer.  Despite a proliferation of newfangled, futuristic designs, the classic shapes are the way to go; sunglasses should tie your outfit together, not function as its centerpiece.  One can never have too many Ray Ban Aviators, especially now since their lenses come in tens of colors.  Tortoiseshell wayfarer sunglasses never fail, and Warby Parker makes an excellent pair for $95.