Device found on doorstep ‘startling’ but not explosive

by Jessica Steeno

A University graduate student discovered what appeared to be a bomb made from a toilet seat, wires and other materials on the doorstep of her Dinkytown duplex last week.
Attached to the object was a note containing profanity and a warning that moving the device would make it explode.
The student called the police and they determined that the bomb was fake.
“It was really startling to look at at first, but it was totally fake,” the student said. “I was more angry than anything.”
The other two residents of the building were not available for comment.
The student who found the fake bomb said she didn’t know anyone who might have planted it.
The police have no suspects.

In other police news:
ù A man was arrested last week for shooting a gun at a beer bottle on his neighbor’s deck in the Como neighborhood, several blocks from the University.
According to the police report, Michael Jeffrey Mills was evasive when Minneapolis Police arrived at his home, and he denied owning a gun. He later admitted to owning two guns but would not let police inside his house.
Officers obtained a search warrant, recovered the weapon that was believed to be used in the incident and arrested Mills, according to the report.
Police may charge Mills with reckless endangerment with a firearm but have not yet done so.

ù University Police reported two fires on campus last week. Someone set a magazine on fire at Kolthoff Hall. Witnesses easily extinguished the fire and no one was hurt in the incident, the report stated.
A billboard near the south side of Wesbrook Hall was set on fire Tuesday. Police extinguished the fire and there were no injuries.
Police have no suspects in either case.