“Tipped In” features literature locally

Magers and Quinn’s Tipped In event brings readers and writers to the Minneapolis Club.

Mary Reller

Literature enthusiasts, unite. The independently owned Minneapolis bookseller Magers and Quinn hosts a variety of literary events both in-store and off-site.

Thursday night, it’ll partner with the Minneapolis Club for an event called “Tipped In,” which gives readers a chance to hear about books they may not have heard about but should not miss. Writers can chat with published authors to get the inside scoop on writing.

The evening features four authors with Minnesota ties: William Kent Krueger, Jonathan Odell, Lorna Landvik and Scott Dominic Carpenter. Jason Gobble, a representative from Penguin Random House, and Matt Smiley from the University of Minnesota Press will also be there to discuss new books coming out that they recommend.

The very first “Tipped In” took place last March, and event organizer and Magers and Quinn sales coordinator Pamela Klinger-Horn described it as a “rousing success.”

The idea behind “Tipped In” came from Klinger-Horn’s love for booksellers’ conventions.

“We would hear from all these different publishers about what’s coming out this year. We got copies of the books to read in advance and met all these authors,” Klinger-Horn said.  

Klinger-Horn wanted “Tipped In” to be a booksellers’ convention for non-booksellers, she said. Each of the four authors at “Tipped In” will discuss their latest work and also give the audience insider knowledge as a published writer, Klinger-Horn said.

“It’s a nice way to connect with somebody who has been through the publishing process and can give you some tips,” she said.

Krueger, a nationally known mystery writer, will be one of the presenting authors. He won the Edgar award this past year for his novel “Ordinary Grace.”

“I don’t know any bookseller who has not read ‘Ordinary Grace,’” Klinger-Horn said. “It was something that everyone just grabbed onto and embraced wholeheartedly.”

Landvik, a Minneapolis-raised author and actress, has done “Tipped In” events for Magers and Quinn in the past and described it as a night where everyone leaves feeling uplifted.

“It’s so easy to sit at home with the world at your lap on your computer, interacting with people you’ve never met online,” Landvik said. “But nothing beats being in a room with actual people, listening to new ideas, [and hearing] what people are writing about and reading.”

Carpenter — a University of Minnesota English, French and Latin classics graduate, Carleton College professor and author— said she’s honored to speak at “Tipped In.”

“It’s not a scripted event, so I don’t know what the other authors plan talk about, but my own take is to talk a little bit about how authors mourn their characters after they’re done writing,” Carpenter said. “You put a book to bed, and all of a sudden these people you have been close to … are never seen again.”

Smiley, the University of Minnesota Press representative who has done the “Tipped In” events before, said this author lineup looks especially good. He said listening to the other presenters is a main reason he agreed to be on the panel.

“Hearing from a favorite author about what he or she finds inspiring is always a fascinating peek behind the curtain of their creative processes,” Smiley said.

Before and after the presentations, event-goers are welcome to have one-on-one conversations with the presenters, Klinger-Horn said.

All books mentioned in the program will be available for purchase. Publishers will also raffle off advanced reader copies — pre-published books typically intended for reviewers and booksellers — to lucky event-goers, Klinger-Horn said.

“We want to help you find out what is absolutely fantastic literature or non-fiction … that you maybe don’t know about yet,” Klinger-Horn said.


What: “Tipped In”

When: 5:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: The Minneapolis Club, 729 Second Ave. S.

Cost: $26