Woman banned from Coffman for drunk behavior during poetry slam

The woman, who was not a University of Minnesota student but attending the event, was banned from Coffman Union and all East Bank buildings.

by Claire Bramel

An audience member who interrupted an event in the Whole Music Club on Monday night was banned from Coffman Union and all East Bank buildings for one year, according to a University of Minnesota police report.

The poetry slam at the Whole was put on by Voices Merging, a multicultural and artistic student group. The woman, whose name wasn’t released, left the scene by the time officers arrived, but they were soon called back when she tried fighting students.

Officers escorted her from the building, and she was “released to two sober friends,” according to the police report.

“In this case, we just issued her a trespass warning,” said University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner.

Tierra Howard, vice president of Voices Merging, said the audience member had been drinking. She was being disruptive and cursing during the poetry show.

Howard described the actions as “aggressive and disrespectful.”

“At first she was just being really disrespectful,” Howard said. “We asked her to respect the mic, and she was not happy about that.”