Jesse Ventura

If students are smart enough to go to college, they’re smart enough to figure out how to pay for it, Jesse Ventura said.
The Reform Party candidate for governor explained that people appreciate things more when they earn them, even when it comes to education.
The former mayor of Brooklyn Park said he appeals to a libertarian ideology, favoring lower taxes, smaller government and more personal freedom. Following that line, he said there should be a division between the private sector and government — and higher education financial aid proposals fall outside of the governments realm.
“I believe we should take care of ourselves a lot more,” he said.
Ventura also advocates tax rebates, calling for the government to return surpluses to the people, but he provided no details on how he would give the money back.
The Minnesota native earned his fame as a professional wrestler and actor. After his four-year mayoral term, he started work as a radio personality.
Ventura said he would focus on K-12 education and he wants to reduce the student-teacher ratio in classroom from 19 students per instructor to 17 students per instructor.
But he admitted that he’s not an expert on education. Instead, Ventura would charge his running mate Mae Schunk, a teacher with 36 years of experience, with the responsibility of implementing his education policies.