Biz owner attacked with pipe

The owner of Go-4 Nutrition was allegedly assaulted at the Como Avenue store last week.

by Aaron Job

Spring Jam weekend on the whole was calm crime-wise, according to the University of Minnesota Police Department, though a University student fell from a second-story balcony Saturday afternoon.
Student falls from balcony
Minneapolis Police found a University student unconscious on the ground after she fell from the second story of a building at the intersection of 15th Avenue Southeast and Seventh Street Southeast at about 6 p.m. Saturday, according to police records. 
Amelia Delmonico, an acupuncture graduate student at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn., said she witnessed the fall.
When she arrived at the party, Delmonico said, she saw a girl standing on a balcony ledge, trying to get on the roof.
“I looked away, and next thing, I saw her hands sliding off the roof,” Delmonico said.
Delmonico added that the woman was lying unconscious with her face in the ground. 
“She was bleeding from the back of her neck,” she said. “I was wiping her face off, asking if she was OK, and then she started foaming at the mouth.”
Police arrived soon after and transported the girl to Hennepin County Medical Center.
“It was pretty scary,” Delmonico said. “I was shocked that she survived, honestly.”
The student who fell from the roof declined to comment on the incident.
Assault at Go-4 Nutrition 
Police responded to an alleged assault at Go-4 Nutrition in the Southeast Como neighborhood at about 1 p.m. on April 19 and found a man bleeding from head wounds, according to police reports. 
Curtiss Wright, the protein shake shop’s owner, said he returned to the store after running errands. 
“It looked like the dude was just about to rob the place,” he said.
Wright said the suspect followed him and produced a “10- to 12-inch” lead pipe from his sleeve and hit Wright’s head before the two began to wrestle. 
“I was just kind of bleeding everywhere,” Wright said. “I ended up making it to my baseball bat that I have sitting there in case anything like this happens.”
Wright said he followed the suspect as he fled to his car and “smashed out his windows” and recorded the license plate. 
The suspect was gone when police arrived, and Wright was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, according to police documents. 
Minneapolis Police Spokesman John Elder said police are investigating the incident.