Police deal with illegal turns, fare evaders in first month of Green Line

Ethan Nelson

Despite giving more than 130 safety presentations and months of light rail testing, Metro Transit police say the rate of accidents near the month-old Green Line is higher than what they want to see, the Pioneer Press reported

Eight collisions between vehicles and trains have been reported. There is one report of a pedestrian colliding with a train. The vehicular collisions occurred when drivers made illegal turns, the story said. A Metro Transit work group has met to discuss the accidents, and the agency will bring its education program to the University of Minnesota in the fall.

In the Green Line's first month, Metro Transit police reported 426 riders who hadn't paid to ride the train. Police gave mostly verbal warnings but issued 129 citations and arrested six people, according to the Pioneer Press. People who often evade paying fares could see a $180 fine or a month's ban from the Minneapolis transit system.