The Fashionista spices up winter wear

The trends to know for looking stylish this season

Micaela Resh

The arctic tundra of Minnesota experiences a fashion lull in the winter months, but it doesn’t have to. Cast aside the bland standards of yore for these new trends to stay stylish this season.

Swapping out tried and true black-on-black outfits seems daunting, but adding different styles and colors breathes new life into an existing wardrobe.

Here are the top five ready-to-wear trends for this season:


Color, color, color

Rich fall tones are an easy way to add warmth and color to any winter outfit. They are sure to pop against snow-covered sidewalks.           

“Rust is a big color right now and olive,” said Kacie Falkenstein, a sales associate at Urban Outfitters. “The fall colors have transitioned over to winter. And of course, black, black, black.”

A Forever21 sales associate, Shalaine Thomson, gave the inside scoop on color trends the store has been carrying this winter.

“A lot of burgundy, emerald greens, ruby reds, maroons, classic beige, black and white too are always popular,” she said.


Warmth and practicality

A perk of winter fashion pieces is their duality in being fashionable, yet practical. Thick knits and jackets provide warmth alongside being inherently adorable.

 “Very long sweaters that go to the ground kind of, almost like a robe, they are really comfy and also warm,” Falkenstein said.

One component of the outfit should remain fitted to avoid being overwhelmed with fabric.

“Whether it is an oversized cardigan to a button down to ones that are fitted, even men’s button downs for women are really popular right now,” said Kelsey Gryz, store manager at Mainstream Boutique.


Ankle booties take stride

Step into a pair of ankle booties for winter. Hitting just below mid-calf, ankle booties work with both dressy and casual looks. Switching up a pair of knee-high boots for ankle booties gives an outfit a fresh vibe.

Unisex clothing works with oversized oxfords and boyfriend-cut jeans, but now it stems to footwear.

“The Timberlands for boots are super in for not only men, but for women as well,” Gryz said.

Timberlands give off a rugged personality that creates balance when paired with overtly feminine pieces.


Boots get accessorized

Boot toppers are a hot seller at Mainstream Boutique.

 “They are little cuffs that sit above your boot. Honestly, you could wear a wool sock on the bottom, but have the cuff stick out the top so it looks like you are wearing a tall sock,” Gryz said.  

Boot toppers come in a variety of colors and prints, including lace and floral, providing an easy way to accessorize for winter.


Lumberjack chic

Get a little rustic and embrace Minnesotan lumberjack wear.

“Faux fur, a lot of flannel pieces, a lot of military jackets this year as well. Leather has been really big this winter and probably into spring,” Thomson said.

Plaid is the top print for winter. It can be incorporated through skirts and outwear or by simply tossing a flannel over any basic outfit. If worn in neutral tones, plaid can act as a basic, making it an easy print to wear.