The Fashionista is in: style mixology 101

Three outfits, two shops, one student and a handful of decades compose this week’s wardrobe mix.

Senior Jenna Frankenfield gets styled in head-to-toe pieces from local shops Parc Boutique and Rewind Vintage.

Image by Amanda Snyder

Senior Jenna Frankenfield gets styled in head-to-toe pieces from local shops Parc Boutique and Rewind Vintage.

by Shannon Ryan


“Style me pretty” was the name of the game this week, and I was playing with vintage and modern finds to ease the daunting task of mastering how to incorporate vintage digs into your modern-minded wardrobe.

I created three different outfits pulling from two Northeast natives: Parc Boutique and Rewind Vintage. Parc specializes in the current fashion landscape whereas the thrifter’s darling, Rewind Vintage, serves you dimes from previous decades.

Pairing vintage with modern pieces adds depth and expression. Quit playing the same chords; go major instead of minor.


Outfit No. 1:

Swim in the colorful canvases of first-date emotions in an outfit that’s one part trendy boutique, one part treasured thrift and another part coy sex appeal. A pair of ankle-length fitted trousers in a rich shade of mustard pairs wonderfully with the semi-sheer onyx- and rose-dyed, floral-printed blouse. The cut of the blouse allows visibility of a high-waist pant, and in this case, a playful display of peek-a-boo midriff fine for a social setting. The deep v-neck front closure exposes a daring décolletage, too impish if left bare, though a layered beaded necklace fits in pleasant harmony as guard to the uncovered chest. Leave it up to your footwear to take the look where you want it to go. For this, a dolly pair of camel-heeled oxfords will take you into the foyer of a delightful Minneapolis restaurant on the arm of a potential new beau.

At the viable alternative of you drowning in yawns and merlot instead of dipping in delight, swap the oxfords for a pair of vampy stilettos, and taxi to a swanky late night to meet your girls.

On Jenna: blouse ($16), Rewind Vintage, 2829 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis; trousers ($56), Parc Boutique, 320 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; heeled-oxfords ($84), Parc; skinny belt ($38), Parc; bralette ($17), Parc; beaded necklace ($22), Rewind; bracelets ($10 ea.), Rewind.


Outfit No. 2:

This second outfit confronts an intriguing paradox: There is little skin visible, yet a certain eroticism exists. You can link that eroticism to the fur cape. Real or faux, adding fur to an ensemble ups your lush factor and makes the outfit feel a tad more provocative and alluring. In this case, contrasting a delicious and supple royal blue shirtdress with a fur cape adds depth to the outfit and takes the look from innocent to intriguing. When toying with such a bold piece, accessories must be neatly considered and kept minimal; a light pair of gold danglers and a charming cuff is enough candy for the evening. A set of patent leather croc-embossed heeled booties are a terrific addition to the ensemble, and holding a medium-sized carryall balances the heaviness of the upper-body decor.

By pairing this outfit with the right amount of smirk, your status is left deliberately open to interpretation, and you’ll leave passersby stunned in a smoky haze of curiosity: Who’s that girl?

On Jenna: dress ($98), Parc; fur cape ($128), Rewind; earrings ($8), Rewind; cuff ($10), Rewind; skinny belt ($38), Parc; booties ($24), Rewind.


Outfit No. 3:

Ditch your fixed mindset of skinnies and a button-down as casual event wear, and click attendee with a different set of digs in mind. For this look, button all the way up in an eclectic and oversize blouse doused in a rich, tri-color rose print. Loosely tying the ends of the blouse will give you a shape — key to any outfit’s success. Pairing it with a heathered-brown maxi skirt creates a comfortable bohemian flare. Accessorizing the look with a Western-tinged sterling necklace sounds unconventional by ear, though quite charming by eye; it’s in these risky pairings that a sense of style is born. To house your personal treats of the evening, an angular, metallic purse adds panache, and a pair of structured, cherry-leathered boots completes your new low-key event wear.

On Jenna: maxi skirt ($48), Parc; blouse ($80), Parc; necklace ($18), Rewind; bralette ($17), Parc; cuff ($50), Parc; purse ($12), Rewind; boots ($30), Rewind.