Daily Digest: Bridge collapse victims settle

by Andrew Mannix

Today’s digest:

Bridge collapse victims settle

All 179 35W bridge collapse victims (and families of victims) accepted settlements today, the Pioneer Press reports. A panel of attorneys will distribute the $36.6 million appropriated by the Legislature last year to the victims.  By settling, the families agree not to sue the state, but are still able to sue liable companies, according to the article.

St. Thomas student’s mother says police waited too long to start search

Sally Zamlen, the mother of the St. Thomas student that went missing early April 5, is supporting a bill that would expedite searches for “adults who are missing and endangered,” the Star Tribune reports.  Zamlen says police waited too long to start searching for her son.  The bill, called “Brandon’s Law,” would expand the missing children’s laws to adults like her son, Daniel Zamlen. 

Scarface’s Opus

There’s a lot we don’t know about old Scarface, the Associate Press reports.  Apparently, Al Capone wrote a song called “Madonna Mia” during his time at Alcatraz.  "It’s a beautiful song, a tearjerker," Rich Larsen of Caponefanclub.com told the AP.  Larsen is currently lining up musicians to record the song.  “An inscribed copy of the music and lyrics to ‘Madonna Mia’ is up for sale at $65,000,” according to the AP.