Facebook ready to settle FTC privacy complaint

by Jeff Hargarten

Facebook is about to settle a privacy complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission and will start seeking user consent before making private account data public, Wired reports

In December 2009, Facebook proposed major changes to its profiles, retroactively requiring users to include an accurate profile picture, city of residence and personal interests, data shared pubicly regardless of personal privacy settings. These privacy changes included public status updates as the default setting.

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

In May 2010, Facebook’s “likes, ” school and employment information were all made public, prompting several groups to file privacy complaints against the social networking giant with the FTC.

Since then, those complaints, along with federal pressure, have forced Facebook to settle with the FTC.

The agreement would disallow Facebook from making any additional user information more public than it was before with the direct consent of its users.

Additionally, Facebook will apparently be subject to independent privacy audits for the next two decades.