Reporter’s Notebook: Greek society honors late members

by Amanda Bankston


On Sunday, the University’s Chapter of Delta Chi hosted a 5k race in memory of alumnus Christopher Lifgren, who passed away this past April from Leukemia. A Minnesota Daily article about how greek organizations honor members who have died was published on Monday, briefly introducing the 5k as well as Lifgren and his connection to the chapter. The majority of the background story on Lifgren was unable to be printed in the article due to space constraints. The following is additional background on the chapter’s connection to Lifgren.

Delta Chi originally became aware of Lifgren’s situation through a past sweetheart of the fraternity. According to Jo Jackson, Delta Chi’s alumni advisor, the sweetheart e-mailed the chapter and informed them of Lifgren’s battle with Leukemia, and nearby stay at Regions Hospital. At a Monday night meeting, following conversation with the sweetheart, Jackson helped to inform the chapter of Lifgren’s situation. At the meeting, members voted to nominate Lifgren as “Brother of the Month”.

As recognition for receiving the honor, Lifgren’s name was written on the final space of the chapter’s “Brother of the Month” paddle. As mentioned in the paper article, this award is usually presented to current members.

In the following days a group of Delta Chi men went to Regions Hospital to visit with Lifgren and present him with the “Brother of the Month” paddle. Although the group was unable to meet directly with Lifgren, due to recovery treatments that Lifgren was undergoing at the time, they were able to speak with Lifgren’s father and friends, and present them with the paddle.

Jackson said being able to present the award was neat because it allowed Lifgren to look back over the paddle and see the names of the current chapter members. Even though Lifgren was never able to meet any of the current members, Jackson said the paddle was a kind of “token” of Delta Chi brotherhood.

According to Nolan Anderson, Delta Chi chapter president, Lifgren passed away a short time after the visit.

Considering the chapter is an official sponsor of The V Foundation for Cancer Research Anderson said the chapter saw a unique opportunity to continue to honor Lifgren through their annual Jimmy Vk race.

In describing this year’s 5k Anderson said the idea was to, “make it [Jimmy Vk] a little more personal to us, and not just as a Jimmy Vk, and not just as Delta Chi, but as Jimmy V, Delta Chi, at the UMN, in memorial of one of the brothers that we got to know”.