New App Involves Parents in Students’ Class Attendance

by Danielle Korby

Developers of a new smartphone app hope to increase college students’ accountability for attending their classes, according to CBS News.

The app, called Class120, sends notifications parents when their students are not in class, CBS News reported. It was developed by the Indianapolis-based company, Core Principle Inc.

Jeff Whorely, CEO of Core Principle, said students don’t attend about 20 percent of their classes and waste approximately $31 billion dollars annually on the classes that they skip, according to USA Today.

According to studies, almost 45 percent of students don’t graduate college in six years largely because of low attendance in their classes, CBS News reported.

The new app will not notify parents about where their students are at all times but, with student consent, it will detect when students are not in class and will send a notification to parents, professors or administrators as well as the student.

About 2,000 people are currently using the app, and Whorley said he hopes to reach 5,000 users by next fall, according to USA Today.