7th graders save bus

by Molly Novak

MILTON, Wash.– Two seventh grade boys helped gain control of a bus when the driver suffered a medical emergency Monday morning.

Jeremy Wuitschick was returning to school on Monday after spring break when he noticed something wrong with the bus driver, reported Kare 11.

"The bus driver starts convulsing, his eyes are bulging… making weird rasping noises and his hands are twitching…" Wuitschick told Kare 11.

The 13-year-old ran down the aisle from his seat, turned the wheel to the right, bringing the bus to the side of the road, and took the keys out of the ignition, reported King 5 news. Wuitschick said he has some experience with cars because his mom lets him drive down their driveway.

Videos from the bus surveillance camera shows the boy starting chest compressions on the driver before another boy, Johny Wood, came up and told Wuitschick he knows CPR, according to King 5.

Wood told somebody to call 911, got students to clear the area and began performing the procedure.

The driver was brought to the hospital and it is still not clear what the problem he was suffering from. Deputy Schools Superintendent Jeff Short said he was in "grave" condition at the hospital, according to ABC news.

Short said students go over emergency bus procedures for what to do if the driver is incapacitated.

"I think they did an outstanding job," Short said.