Good students turned away from education

by Christine Avery

The increase for out-of-state students next year is on the rise 7.5 percent. In a recent article, University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks said the University is using out-of-state tuition to help increase the flow of money to the University, saying that other Big Ten schools charge way more than we do for out-of-state students so we should join them. Is he not thinking thatâÄôs maybe why so many students from other states find their way to the University? The University doesnâÄôt have to raise their tuition to fit in with the other schools, we need to work together to find other sources of money for the University so out-of-state students donâÄôt have to feel the burn of the current economy. Yes the need for more funds is increasing, but to raise tuition is just another way of turning students away from education. Christine Avery, University undergraduate student