Ben Meyers

by Julianna Landis


Hockey is unique among other college athletics in that for players hoping to make it to the college game, high school or club teams are not the only answer. Throughout Canada and the United states, there are several junior hockey leagues where players can play hockey against older completion and still be NCAA eligible. The more common leagues are the North American Hockey League (NAHL) and the United States Hockey League (USHL), wit the latter reporting that 95 percent of it’s players receive college offers at the Division one level. 

This option is becoming increasingly common for players, even in Minnesota, where high school hockey is king.

For this culture, often compared as like high school football is to Texas, this is a significant change. For where a school may have had a chance at making it to the state tournament in March, aptly/simply dubbed The Tourney (rip all hockey hair team) with a strong team, especially with programs that have had players on teams together since peewees( thinknthe Edina’s and hermantowns of the world) making it to high school and playing for that trophy was the Thing. But if that team were to lose a few players who decide to strike out on their own for the USHL or the NAHL, it can change the something something something, even if the experience is beneficial for the player, and this is especially more true in sections where the same team makes the tourney/ getting into the tourney is more wide open/ words. And so the debate: leave or go? Hockey magazine article blah blah 

But for Ben Meyers, patience with his development paid off. 

There’s so many basic questions I didn’t ask Jesus Christ ok um 

Meyers played all four years of high school for the Delano Tigers, and in his senior szn of 16/17, he captained a tourney section winning team, stats blah. 

Even though he spent a year or two more in high school hockey than some players, he still had plenty of time to grow his game in the ushl. With the Fargo Force Meyers got a shit tooooon of points, aacomplishment blah blah. 

QUOTE frum Ben about not being in a hurry, 

Exposition about how it’s helped him so far, cc stats

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