Zombie Pub Crawl nothing but “sanctioned mayhem”

by Christina Harrison - University student

IâÄôve always felt that the West Bank is an amazing area. It is a great place to find local and organic food, community theater, hip bars and performances by local bands. I love living there.
But the Zombie Pub Crawl is not what makes the West Bank great. Saturday night was an embarrassment. Just because you think itâÄôs cool to rip apart your clothing and pour fake blood all over yourself doesnâÄôt give you a right to destroy public property, to cause a nuisance or to harass people who happen to be walking by. If you want to act like an idiot and get drunk, fine. Just donâÄôt implicate me in your drunken debacles.
The night of the crawl, I was walking home to my apartment on the West Bank. I had just seen a performance at Northrop Auditorium with a friend and I was wearing dressy clothing. While walking through the area, a number of âÄúzombiesâÄù proceeded to throw fake blood all over my nice clothing, call me names and push and shove me, presumably because I wasnâÄôt dressed in costume (in other words, because I didnâÄôt look like a complete slob).
The next day, the streets were lined with the detritus of red paint and smashed pumpkins. While the âÄúzombiesâÄù were cozy in their beds far, far away from the land of the West Bank, the people who live there were dealing with the aftermath.
IâÄôm disappointed. I think more people should jump across the river to check out the West Bank âÄî but the Zombie Pub Crawl is nothing more than sanctioned mayhem.