Weekend Culture Compass – Demetri Martin, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Karaoke

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<a href=http://static.tvguide.com/MediaBin/Galleries/Shows/G_L/Ii_Ip/Important_Things_Demetri_Martin/crops/demetri-martin-important-things1.jpg target=blank>Source</a> Demetri Martin performs his oddball comedy of slanted language and innocent recombinations on Saturday at the State Theater.

Ashley Goetz

Source Demetri Martin performs his oddball comedy of slanted language and innocent recombinations on Saturday at the State Theater.

Friday Zoos- Africa! at the Minnesota Zoo Como Zoo sometimes resembles one of those anti-depression commercials. You know, âÄúWho does depression hurt? Lions.âÄù However, the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley is another story – itâÄôs fabulous! The âÄúAfricaâÄù exhibit, headlined by two superstar giraffes, opens tomorrow, so this is a heads-up; get there early, because itâÄôs sure to be packed. The venture is worth well over $1 million, featuring such animal wonders as zebras, ostriches, and wildebeests. And while youâÄôre there, you can check out the rest of the zooâÄôs circus, like my favorite, the dolphins. Apple Valley $16 for adults Art- The Wizard of Oz: According to Graham Rawle âÄúThe Wizard of OzâÄù freaked out a lot of little kids with its flying monkeys, wicked witch, and murderous houses, and it enchanted about as many, too. Artist Graham Rawle takes on the L. Frank Baum book with a variety of art installations, including slightly creepy Dorothy dolls and sewn Scarecrows alongside Pringles cans painted to look like the Emerald City. MCAD, 2501 Stevens Ave. Music- Me and My Arrow- âÄúMe and My ArrowâÄù is the title of a Harry Nilsson song, and perhaps the band took their name from the croonerâÄôs tune. ItâÄôs likely, since this collective cites among their inspirations Neil Young and Neutral Milk Hotel. They play the 501 Club tonight, a new sibling to the 331 club, with Fort Wilson Riot. 501 Club, 501 Washington Ave. 9 p.m. Music- First Communion Afterparty First Communion Afterparty is one of the Twin CitiesâÄô most promising up-and-coming bands, and their local schedule is packed with shows. Tonight itâÄôs the Turf, and theyâÄôll hit the Kitty Cat Klub before performing at Grand OlâÄô Days, too. FCA is clearly âÄô60s-influenced, from their psychedelic posters and American Apparel screenprints to their jangly, Byrds-meet-the-Manson Family sound. Turf Club 9 p.m. Tickets TBA Theater- Shipwrecked! I took a class at the Jungle last semester and thoroughly enjoyeds two of its prior shows, so âÄúShipwrecked!âÄù comes with my highest recommendation, even though I havenâÄôt seen it yet. This is the story of a, duh, shipwreck, and a small handful of actors take on a variety of kooky roles. Joel Sass is an awesome and well-respected local director and set designer, and the Jungle itself is both a bastion of Lyn-Lake and a beauty to boot. Jungle Theater, 2951 Lyndale Ave. 8 p.m. $28-30 (student discount available) Saturday Music- Yeah Yeah Yeahs ItâÄôs sold out, but that doesnâÄôt mean you canâÄôt score tickets on the sidewalk before the show or on Craigslist if youâÄôre lucky, and the YYY are not to be missed. Their combination of Karen OâÄôs firecracker sex appeal, driving drums and synthesizers, and a packed house at First Avenue make the Yeah Yeah Yeahs not only one of this weekendâÄôs most promising activities, but probably one of the summerâÄôs best as well. Camera Obscura If you canâÄôt get into the YYYs, donâÄôt forget about Camera Obscura, also sponsored by the fine folks at the Current. Reviews are quick to call the sweet little indie pop band âÄútwee,âÄù and theyâÄôre right; theyâÄôre about as adorable as kittens playing with balls of cashmere yarn. Wear your ruffliest floral dress and most beat-up pair of cowboy boots to fit right in as the band plays from its sugar sweet new album, âÄúMy Maudlin Career.âÄù Cedar Cultural Center 8 p.m. $15 Comedy- Demetri Martin Wait, what? Citypages Beer Festival This is a come-rain or come-shine event, and according to Citypages, last year it hailed. Hopefully that doesnâÄôt happen today for the Beer Festival, where patrons can listen to bands while comparing the wares of local brewers and old favorites like Blue Moon and Moosehead. TheyâÄôve even got low-carb beer for those of you watching your waistlines … Downtown, 1 block from Orpheum Theater 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. $25 for drinkers, $8 for designated drivers Sunday Art – Formidable Flat: Drew Peterson, Kristina Paabus Both Peterson and Paabus love color, and expect Formidable Flat to be an explosion in hues as well as an exploration of the way we view reality and space. Peterson, a paint/print artist who showed work at Art-a-Whirl, has created complex, layered pieces for the show, while Paabus uses âÄútraditional printmaking techniques with sculptural and installation based elements.âÄù First Amendment Gallery, 1101 Stinson Blvd NE. May 30 – June 23. Music- Third Eye Blind Remember when Third Eye Blind was the coolest band ever (circa 1998) and their songs played all day on the radio while we, as children, splashed in the pool and watched cartoons? If you feel like a trip down memory lane, this is it, since the band is playing First Avenue tonight with Low vs. Diamond. Expect a few songs about doing crystal meth, something we most definitely didnâÄôt pick up on when we were 10. First Avenue, 701 First Ave. N. 7 p.m. $32.50 Music-James Buckley Trio Jazz and the Red Stag go together like, well, Sundays and newspapers, or upscale, mostly local menus and delicious mimosas. The trio, led by Buckley (who plays in about seven thousand other bands), play the Red Stag fairly frequently and also provide a soundtrack for our very own Kitty Cat Klub, so youâÄôll get the delights of their atmospheric jazz over your artichoke flatbread or goat cheese grits. Red Stag Supperclub, 509 First Ave. N.E. 9 p.m. Music –Holy F*ck Oh, how badass of you, Holy F*ck, to put an expletive in your band name! They call themselves the âÄúLarry Bird moustache of indie rock,âÄù and IâÄôm not entirely sure what that means, but the Canadian band has garnered lots of attention for their blend of noise-rock and experimental instrumentation. Those of you among the faint of heart or eardrum should perhaps bring along a pair of earplugs. First Avenue Seventh St. Entry, 701 First Ave. N. 8 p.m. $10 Culture to Consume Read this: âÄúLost in the MeritocracyâÄù Walter Kirn, who grew up in Minnesota and attended Princeton, later to write for The New York Times, amongst other illustrious publications, has written about his lackluster college experience in âÄùLost in the Meritocracy,âÄù a memoir which first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly. If the whole education system rubs you the wrong way, read it and see if you agree with Kirn. Listen to this: Gogol Bordello Check out Eastern European gypsy punks Gogol BordelloâÄôs last release, âÄúSuper Taranta!âÄù Then see them live at the Cabooze with Tom Waits âÄìon-crack group Man Man. Watch this: âÄúJon & Kate + 8âÄù Their marriage is falling apart in front of the nation, and everyoneâÄôs watching âÄúJon and Kate + 8âÄù for all the dirty details. Sure itâÄôs exploitation, but the kids are still adorable when the show isnâÄôt all about headstrong alpha-mommy Kate and laidback, possible-cheater Jon. ItâÄôs all over the tabloids, which means more of KateâÄôs reverse mullet hairstyle for me! Eat this:The Barbary Fig Located on Grand Ave. just a hop and a skip from The Grand Ole Creamery, The Barbary Fig serves up authentic, healthy and delicious Mediterranean food. Lamb and mint-infused soup is a perfect starter for a dish full of lentils, yogurt and herbs. Drink this:Margaritas ItâÄôs summer, and you know what that means! Margaritas! Whether you like them fruity and blended or tequila heavy, thereâÄôs tons of places around the metro to grab a good one, and perhaps the best place is Barrio on Nicollet, since itâÄôs a tequila bar and all. To make your own, you just need this magic equation: 2 parts tequila, 1 part triple sec, 1 part fresh lime juice and salt on the rim. Click This: Texts from Last Night If you havenâÄôt heard of Texts from Last Night, you obviously do not spend 60% of your time switching between Facebook and Twitter. But that doesnâÄôt mean you should miss out. Entries like âÄú(715): Apparently at one point I was wearing my sweatshirt backwards like it was normal and then I threw up into the hood. Never drinking again,âÄù make it feel like youâÄôre not the only one.