Show the U cares in Minnesota AIDS Walk

by “Minnesota” Miles Dombrovski

HIV and AIDS have been in the news a lot lately, and not for a good reason. Although treatments and discoveries for how to best fight the epidemic continue to move at lightning-fast speed, there is troubling news about the increase in HIV infection among young people âÄî those of us born after the darkest days of HIV/AIDS in the United States. The University of Minnesota has been actively engaged in research and public policy on this critical public health issue. ThatâÄôs why a number of University students and staff decided to start a team for this yearâÄôs Minnesota AIDS Walk to benefit the Minnesota AIDS Project. If youâÄôre interested in getting involved and showing that the University supports both people living with HIV/AIDS and the need to find a cure, I hope youâÄôll take a moment to consider joining our new team. âÄúMinnesotaâÄù Miles Dombrovski University undergraduate student