Kill driving again

by Jack Satzinger

After head coach Jerry Kill took a leave of absence to focus on containing his epilepsy last year, he made a goal to drive by February. The time has come, and Kill is behind the wheel once again.  

In an interview with ESPN earlier today, Kill said that he's driving.

The third-year coach confirmed the news Wednesday and said it's the first time he's driven in more than two years.

"All the people that speculated I can't do certain things, well, I can," Kill said. "I beat cancer and I'm going to win this war."

Kill said he was a bit rusty behind the wheel and didn't drive today because his truck didn't start. 

"I was with my wife last night to come back from eating… she goes 'move over to the right', it was like driver's ed," Kill said. "Bottom line, I did it for the first time in a long time."

According to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, one has to be seizure-free for three months in order to drive. Kill has had five game-day seizures to date, but figures to be doing much better now that he's driving. 

In wake of signing day, Kill said that he thinks his history with overcoming health problems helped attract more recruits.

"With that class… I think it helped," Kill said. "I went right at them and said 'this is the way it is.'"