Fellow students: Let your voice be heard

by Sam Scott

I have just submitted my ballot for MSA president and vice president. Unfortunately, many of my fellow students have not yet done the same. The MSA elections are important because they are one of the best ways for students to have their voice heard on campus. You, like me, have probably read all about the candidatesâÄô positions and heard the arguments for electing said candidates to the office. IâÄôm not here to tell you who to vote for, just to vote. Last year, less than five percent of the undergraduate student body voted in the MSA election. Do we really want such a small minority deciding what is best for students? The best part about the MSA election is that it only takes about ten minutes of your time (and that includes the time I took to research the candidates). The reason I decided to vote this year is because of the recent drama over student fees allocation. The student leaders we elect make important decisions that impact every student, such as determining Student Service Fees Committee members. So fellow students, I say get out and vote! It is incredibly easy; all you have to do is go to www.acecvote.umn.edu. Sam Scott, University undergraduate student