Sanders makes second stop in Minnesota

by Brian Edwards

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders decried the GOP today in Rochester, saying that inequality will only worsen with Republican control, according to Minnesota Public Radio News.


In his second visit to the state, Sanders addressed nearly 450 people in Rochester after drawing a crowd of 3,000 in Minneapolis when he came in May, reported MPR.


Wall Street’s influence on the government, eliminating college tuition and income inequality were all discussed by the presidential hopeful, wrote the Star Tribune, as Sanders urged voters to join with him.


"I cannot accomplish what has to be accomplished as president unless there is a mass, grassroots movement of millions and millions of people," said Sanders. "I can't save you, but together we can save ourselves."


He never mentioned Clinton by name during his hour-and-a-half speech, reported the Star Tribune, but one supporter said the differences were obvious.


"I think it's pretty darn plain. Hillary, unfortunately, doesn't speak as plainly as Bernie," Jim Gurley said to the Star Tribune.


Sanders speech came on the heels of a rally in Wisconsin yesterday that drew nearly 10,000 , reported CNN.