U: not so “Green”

by Ben Dibble

The construction during the last few weeks has made me very angry. I normally take the bus from Robbinsdale to Minneapolis. During my transit, I do not walk through the north side of campus very often. But a couple of weeks ago, I did and was shocked at the construction I saw.
What happened to the University of Minnesota loving green spaces? They clear cut the entire area in front of the Rec Center!
The University continuously sent e-mails regarding energy savings, recycling and preserving our environment. So what gives in this instance? I find it absolutely appalling that they took a chainsaw to each one of those trees and prairie grasses.
How they couldn’t have found a way to save that foliage is beyond me. Sell the trees? Transplant them to St. Paul or other areas of the Twin Cities campus?
Sure, it would cost a little bit of money to transplant the trees. But with the way the University is spending its money during this “economic crunch,” I could not foresee a few thousand dollars being a big deal.
This is just one more example of a University plan full of holes and empty promises.
Ben Dibble, Community program specialist, Medical School