Man attempts to hide stolen TV in his pants

by Stephanie Laumer

A police officer stopped a man outside an Eagan store who had attempted to hide a flat-screen television in his pants, according to the Star Tribune.

Eric Lee King, 21, was arrested and charged Friday with a shoplifting misdemeanor and a felony on suspicion of illegally possessing a potent prescription drug, the Star Tribune reports.

According to the charges, the police officer saw King leave the business and drop a box of candy.  When the police officer called out to tell him, King did not reply and kept walking through the lot with his legs stiff and his feet shuffling.

The officer drove up to King and honked his horn.  King still ignored the officer and continued shuffling along holding the front of his pants.

The officer identified himself to King and handcuffed him.  It was then that the officer noticed a large square object wrapped in plastic down the front of King's pants.

Other items found in his pants included a television remote control, power cords, and a bottle of brake fluid.