Middle Eastern restaurant coming soon to Dinkytown

Chefs from overseas will cook at the restaurant.

A new Middle Eastern restaurant, WallyâÄôs Falafel and Hummus , is scheduled to open at the end of July in the space previously occupied by Giulia’s Italian Ice Cream & Gourmet Popcorn, Etc. on 14th Street Southeast in Dinkytown . The restaurant is owned by Wally Sakallah , a businessman who also owns Wally’s Corner Market on Como Avenue and Hideaway on Fourth Street. Sakallah said, given the diversity of Dinkytown, he felt the need to establish a restaurant that fits with the demand of the population. The restaurant will employ experienced chefs from overseas, he added. Unlike surrounding restaurants, WallyâÄôs will feature only specialized Middle Eastern foods, such as falafel and hummus. Sakallah said he thinks the Dinkytown population is âÄúsick and tiredâÄù of eating the same food in University area restaurants. Georgia Sander , the owner of Kafe 421 and WallyâÄôs soon-to-be next-door neighbor, said she welcomes the opening of a Middle Eastern restaurant in Dinkytown. Because they will be serving up very different cuisines, Sander said she doesnâÄôt think the two restaurants will be in competition. With the economy still in rough shape, Sakallah said he thinks casual restaurants will survive in Dinkytown better than expensive restaurants. He said his restaurant was designed with college students in mind, emphasizing that they will be serving food quickly and for low costs âÄî some items being less than $3. âÄúThat is why I succeeded with my other businesses,âÄù he said. President of the University of Minnesota Middle Eastern Student Association, Ahmed El-Mawas , said he thinks many students from the Middle East will be glad to have another Middle Eastern place to eat on campus. El-Mawas said students donâÄôt have a Middle Eastern restaurant on campus except Caspian Bistro Restaurant, which is often too expensive for college students. WallyâÄôs Falafel and Hummus will operate seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.