Girl Talk Hurts So Good

by Jason Zabel

Holy crap.

Anyone at First Ave last night probably woke up with two things: 1.) A wicked hangova, and 2.) Bruises. Lots of them.

That’s because Girl Talk played a sold out show. And anyone who’s been to a GT show knows that there’s plenty of dancing, much of it erratic, and that there’s also a shit-ton of pushing, because people are D-bags. Or because it’s just really crowded, and people can’t help themselves from busting out sick moves. All over your face.


1. It’s super easy to get trampled at a GT show. More than once I found myself on my knees, forced to look at the sweaty rumps of neighboring dancers. And at one point I pushed back against a crowd of moshers in an attempt to save a wee woman who appeared to be struggling. I believe she survived.

2. I must be getting really old. I often was forced to convince myself that being squished was no big deal. But really, it was just disgusting. Two years ago I went to Girl Talk at the Varsity. It was a similar setting: drunk, sweaty neonites dressed in all shades of the hipster rainbow getting down right next to a beyond-jazzed Greg Gillis (that’s Girl Talk’s real name!). But this time, it just seemed icky.

3. Yuckiness aside, Girl Talk is really amazing. I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a show with as much energy as his. Next time he’s in town, you’d be smart to snatch up tickets when you can. But since that’s probably a while away, you can live vicariously with this video.