Thank the military for freedoms

I read Scott Laderman’s column (“Seek order, peace – not war,” Sept. 11) and was saddened deeply. I am a reservist in the United States Army. If called to active duty, I am ready to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And yes, one of the freedoms I will defend is our freedom of speech. I think a thank you is in order, Laderman, to all of the soldiers, airmen, seamen and marines for helping you to have a job. Freedom wasn’t always free, my friend. Many men and women died defending the freedoms some of us hold so dear. President George W. Bush’s administration is only playing its part in protecting these freedoms, just as any other administration would do. And when this thing is over, please do not look at the soldiers returning home from the Middle East with the ugly face of contempt. A simple thank you toward my brothers in arms will suffice.