Costume crib notes

You can be a spendthrift and still surprise this spooky season. We’ll show you how.

by Kara Nesvig and John Sand

Give us your tired, your poor, your cheap-ass costumes-in-a- bag this Halloween. ThereâÄôs no reason to be buying some slutty bee ensemble at Sex World for $35.99 when the doors of inspiration can be flung open easily with some creativity and very little cash. We have compiled for your dressing pleasure a Halloween costume guide to spark your originality and ignite your holiday spirit. With only $25 in hand, we hopped from the North Loop Salvation Army to the Goodwill on Fairview Avenue and came out with the majority of the pieces seen here. The rest? We raided our closets and those of our friends. It took just 45 minutes to pull together five outfits, and not one of them uses anything from Party America . So start early, and nab your costume quick. Here are some crib notes, courtesy of A&E: WhatâÄôs played-out: 1. âÄúSexyâÄù anything. âÄúMean GirlsâÄù crashed the party on sexy animal costumes, and sexy devils/angels/cops need not apply at any party weâÄôd like to be at. 2. âÄô80s âÄî A decade just shouldnâÄôt be a costume. And off-the-shoulder sweatshirts plus side ponytails does not equal 1983. 3. âÄúScreamâÄù masks. 4. Political masks. 5. Michael Jackson . Over it. 6. Anything prepackaged and polyester. 7. Gorilla suits. Halloween hotspots: The best places to cobble together your costume. 1. Goodwill (we like Fairview Avenue in Roseville) 2. North Loop Salvation Army 3. Ragstock 4. American Apparel 5. Tatters