Kahn and Hovde unite!

by Karlee Weinmann

I was making my pre-election results phone calls just now, touching base with the candidates whose races I’m covering tonight. One such candidate was state Rep. Phyllis Kahn, the longtime left-winger who’s held the District 59B seat since 1972.

She told me she was doing some "Get Out the Vote" activities in Centennial Hall — and that she had a special guest.

She and her political posse picked up Republican opponent Ole Hovde along the way, she said, because he was by himself.

The two candidates were on separate floors at the time of my conversation with Phyllis, but they were working toward a common goal.

I know as well as anyone (based on some comments generated by a story and blog post I wrote last week) that the two have run very separate campaigns, and their politics are definitely at odds. Today, though, as students are heading to the polls at what is expected to be a record level, the two have joined forces to (you guessed it) Get Out the Vote.

More on the Kahn-Hovde race, and all the rest in tomorrow’s Daily. Until then, to see a true show of bipartisanship, maybe you should head to the Super Block.

Karlee Weinmann

Projects Reporter