Dash for MSA begins; vote through Thursday

by Rebecca Czaplewski

Head to a poll booth or turn on a computer — the two-day All-Campus Elections begin today.
With 10 polling stations sprinkled across campus and an online voting site, students can cast their ballot for the presidency and Forum of the Minnesota Student Association. Members of the University Senate and five other student government associations are also up for election.
In addition to the elections, three referendums are up for student approval. The numbers garnered will help gauge student support for the three issues.
Although some voters may have been drawn to the polls by the chance to win $100 or the palm-sized pocket organizer, the All-Campus Elections Commission has decided to pass up the prize raffle offered by the University Bookstores.
Yee Leng Hang, adviser for the elections commission, said raffling off the money and prizes to voters didn’t seem like such a good idea after some debate among members.
“We’d rather see students vote who are concerned about the elections,” Hang said.
The three referendums up for vote will serve to gauge support for the issues. The first referendum deals with the implementation of the 10th Avenue Bridge Circulator bus route, while the second will ask student opinion on a U-Pass to use on Metro Transit busses.
The last referendum inquires if University Dining Services should stop selling Gardenburgers — a product that has recently come under fire from labor rights groups for questionable labor ethics.
Students must bring a U Card or fees statement with a picture identification to vote. The 10 polling spots have different opening and closing times, although voters will be able to use the online site continuously until 6 p.m. Thursday, when the polls officially close.