Police report fraternity rape never occurred

Authorities will not file charges in an alleged rape at a Zeta Psi fraternity party Sept. 29.
Minneapolis police Sgt. Arthur Knight, after speaking with both individuals involved, said Thursday that it was an “unfounded case.”
“The rape did not happen,” he said.
Since police made no arrests and prosecutors did not file a criminal complaint, the names of those involved were not released to the public, and they could not be contacted for comment.
The Minneapolis Police Department has closed the investigation.
The Interfraternity Council, which oversees University fraternities, held a trial late Thursday night, charging Zeta Psi with violating several of its risk management policies.
Among the apparent violations were the consumption of alcohol by minors and opening the party to the public.
John Schmidt, head of the IFC’s judicial board, said the alleged rape was never even a consideration because the suspect was not a member of the fraternity.
However, it’s unlikely that the party would have been discovered if police had not been called to an investigate a sexual assault report.

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