Lakeville dad who left 11-year-old gets joint custody

by Molly Novak

The father who left his 11-year-old son to go to California will recieve joint custody with the boy's mother.

Steven Cross, 60, and his ex-wife Katik Porter, 39, will share joint legal and physical custody of the boy once legal issues are resolved, the spokesperson for Dakota County Attorney's office told KARE 11

Cross left his son for California in July, leaving only a note telling the child to go to the neighbors and asking them to become his guardians, according to reports from KSTP.

At the time he left, Cross had had full custody of his son. He had previously told the 11-year-old that his mother was dead, but revealed in the note that she was still alive. 

Porter had lost or given up visitations rights in 2002 but wanted them back once Cross was charged with child abandonment.

The son is currently in foster care waiting to re-establish a connection to Cross. The next court hearing is April 25.