War by the numbers

ItâÄôs clear that the front has shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan. The number of American service men who died in the Afghanistan war exceeded the number of deaths in Iraq for the first time in June, 46 and 31, respectively, and since then the tide has continued to shift. And more recently, the conflict has spilled into Pakistani territory. Shortly after the start of the Iraq war, the DailyâÄôs opinion section began to feature the number of deaths of U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians at the center of the page in each published issue to inform and educate readers on the impact of the war. The Daily will begin to include the numbers of deaths in Afghanistan as well, as the number of casualties falls in Iraq and rises in Afghanistan. We want students to be informed on the casualties of wars that seem far away, but ones that touch many of us here at home. Sometimes numbers make the deaths seem almost insignificant, as if each person is just a number, but that isnâÄôt our purpose. We want the numbers to show the broad impact of the two wars and for those who lose their lives to be counted. âÄîVadim Lavrusik welcomes comments at [email protected].