Daily Digest: No drinking deaths, 6 OT’s, Live Trial coverage

by Lisa Zehner

I am sure that a lot of you may have already gone home, by the looks of the scarce campus this morning. But I hope you chime in from your homes or if you are around on campus, glad you could join us. Next week we are on a long-awaited break, but we made it!

*Aside from the accomplishment, Minnesota collges have gone a year without having any drinking-related deaths, MPR reports. Let me remind you that Mankato State has taken some heat in the last couple year for some of its incidents, including the death of a University student that died while visiting Mankato that the Daily covered. The University also had a drinking-related death where a student fell off a parking ramp, which I reported on two years ago in the Daily. According to MPR, last year at this time, the numbre of alcohol related deaths for the 2007-2008 school year was at four.

*Here is another one that isn’t exactly University of Minnesota-related, but is very noteworthy. Syracuse and UConn played a game that will go into the record books with six overtimes, according to ESPN. That’s right. Six! So who won? Syracuse. Perhaps we will have something similar today with the Gophers? I know what you’re thinking. Unlikely.

*Also, this would normally go into our politics blog, but what the hey. The closing arguments of the Senate trial begin today. Check out the Live Stream of the trial, courtesy of the the UpTake:

Or, check out the live blog: