Lunching by the truck

The new addition of food trucks to the University is adding to the student dining experience.

by Courtney Johnson

There is a new way for students and University of Minnesota personnel to eat lunch on campus. And it is offered by the truckload — literally. Food trucks have gained popularity at college campuses all across the United States, and the University is no stranger to this new food trend either. University Dining Services has welcomed the availability of food trucks outside Williamson Hall on Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 11 a.m. This new option for students is a great addition to campus because of the added convenience and flexibility it brings.

Dining at local campus restaurants, which surround the main areas of campus — Stadium Village, Dinkytown and Coffman Union — can be a nuisance because of construction, distance and chaotic dining halls. The flexibility of a lunch truck creates the ability to park in the center of campus, making it more convenient for students to get something to eat without going out of their way from their classes. It also creates a fun way to enjoy a lunch while enjoying the nice fall weather.

Lounging and enjoying a meal in the afternoon is not the only benefit of a food truck. In fact, they are known to offer a menu that features novelty food items that one cannot get at a normal food chain. This is part of the appeal. African food, locally grown and Venezuelan food are included in some of my personal favorite lunch trucks. This increases the opportunity to try new foods from different cultures that I normally would not be able to try  at a reasonable price.

Food trucks are great new additions to the University for students. Grabbing a quick bite to eat and experiencing something other than the usual sandwich or burger at lunchtime is only a mere fraction of the benefits that this brings to the University community. The convenience alone is what sold me on the idea of trying out the campus food trucks — and I do not know many other students who could say no to convenience and great food.