Daily Digest: Voters turned away in Dinkytown and college going global

by Mike Rose

It’s December, gang, meaning we’re coming down the homestretch of another semester. Before getting too freaked out about final papers and exams, enjoy a brief Digest:

*The Minnesota Independent’s Chris Steller reported that a number of students at The Chateau in Dinkytown were turned away from the polls on Nov. 4. The problem arose when letters given by the housing cooperative to residents to verify their residency (utilities are included in The Chateau’s rent, so residents can’t bring the typical utility bill Election Day) were not accepted by election officials. In years past, these letters were accepted, but this year the cooperative had to revise the letter a few times–a third version was accepted at 4 p.m. However, by this time, some student voters may have already been turned away and unable to return to the polls before they closed. It is unclear just how many voters were turned away in total.

*A group of Twin Cities college students who have been stranded in Thailand because of protests at two airports are headed home, The Star Tribune reports. A group of 18 students and three teachers from Northwestern College in Roseville was scheduled to depart Friday, but anti-government protesters seized the airports and put their travel plans on hold. Half the group is leaving the country today, while the rest will leave tomorrow.

*Lastly, an interesting New York Times piece on how higher education is becoming more global. Reporter Tamar Lewin reports: "…universities worldwide — many of them in Canada and England — are competing for the same pool of affluent, well-qualified students, and more American students are heading overseas not just for a semester abroad, but for their full degree program." So if your kid brother tells you he’s going to school in London, he may not be kidding.

We’ll see you back for more Digest Tuesday. Mike Rose Managing editor