Beer in Coffman interesting; don’t forget tuition

by Cori Rogers

Is the idea of beer in Coffman Union whatâÄôs really getting students interested in the MSA presidential election? I understand that itâÄôs an interesting idea, but Tove Garber, Andrew Wagner and the other MSA candidates have greater ideas aside from beer in the union; theyâÄôre fighting to protect studentsâÄô wallets, too. As an empty-pocketed University of Minnesota student, Garber and WagnerâÄôs responses to âÄú3 Questions: MSA CandidatesâÄù hit home for me. They provide solid ideas about the ever-increasing tuition hikes. One of their plans, for example, is to maintain an undergraduateâÄôs tuition for four years and exploring the viability of that. Another is their âÄúTruth in TuitionâÄù program, which tells students what four years at the University will cost. These ideas are important for all the penny-pinching students here. According to The Minnesota DailyâÄôs Tuesday article, âÄúSteering through the storm,âÄù tuition is up over 100 percent since 2001 and has recently become the leading source of revenue for the University. We need good leaders like Garber and Wagner in MSA to control our tuition costs and give us financial breathing room, not just to put a bar in Coffman. Cori Rogers, University undergraduate student