New senior fellow named

The Humphrey Institute appointed Jay Kiedrowski as a new senior fellow.

by Sam Boeser

The Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs appointed Jay Kiedrowski to be a senior fellow within its Center for Leadership of Nonprofits, Philanthropy and the Public Sector on Friday.

As one of the center’s senior fellows, Kiedrowski will teach graduate courses focusing on organizational development and public finance, and will provide research and project support for the center’s activities.

“This gives me an opportunity to contribute to the University as well as to learn a lot myself,” Kiedrowski said.

Senior fellow appointments in the Humphrey Institute last one year but are often renewed. The institute currently has 12 senior fellows, including Kiedrowski.

Kiedrowski said his background will help him in his new position in the Humphrey Institute.

A former budget director for the city of Minneapolis and commissioner of finance and chief financial officer for the state, Kiedrowski has also been involved with public service for years with Norwest and later with Wells Fargo.

“What I bring is experience,” Kiedrowski said. “I can bring practical application of the theories we teach to the classroom – show how this applies to the real world.”

J. Brian Atwood, Humphrey Institute dean, said having more than 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors of business is one of the reasons Kiedrowski was selected for the position.

“He has experience in both sectors and is one of the better analysts in the state of Minnesota,” Atwood said. “He’s perfect for this position.”

To be selected as a senior fellow, Kiedrowski had to go through an application process in which, after being recognized for his credentials, he presented a committee with plans for what he hoped to accomplish in the position. Kiedrowski applied in May and was offered the position in November.

A former Gophers basketball player and 1973 graduate of the School of Public Affairs (which grew into the Humphrey Institute), Kiedrowski said he stayed close to the University even after completing his professional studies.

He served on several University advisory boards and maintained relationships with people involved with the University. He is currently the treasurer of the Guthrie Board, which oversees the Guthrie Theater.

Through his new position, Kiedrowski said, he hopes to implement a new nonprofit and public management minor within the Carlson School of Management.

“This sets (students) up for managing nonprofits and gives them the knowledge to be qualified to be an executive within one,” Kiedrowski said.

In addition to constructing the minor program, he said, he aims to help identify the financial conditions of Minnesota nonprofits and identify challenges they might face.