Al Franken sketches during Kagan hearing

by James Nord

According to the Washington Post, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken is quite the artist.


He probably won’t ever be known as S-AL-vadore Dali, for instance, but a sketch Franken drew of Sen. Jeff Sessions during a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has gained quite a bit of attention.  An Associated Press photographer happened to snap the impromptu portrait.

Sessions should be glad Franken didn’t possess the Catalan painter’s penchant for surrealism or the drawing might have come out a lot worse.

On the whole, scraps of paper seem to embarass politicians more often than expected.  In 2005, a photographer caught former President George W. Bush asking former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to use the bathroom, the BBC reported.

Lucky for Franken, Bush’s bathroom snaffu happens to be far more embarassing considering it involves a medley of pee, the United Nations and 150 world leaders.