Let me tell you about the Roast Burger…

by Thomas Q. Johnson


The Bacon Cheddar hanging with his friends the All-American and the Bacon & Bleu

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True story, the new Arby’s Roast Burger is good. It is not as slimy as the Big Mac- though it lacks the double deckerness – but it still does a better job of filling you up. Besides, the Roast Burger contains more dressings than just thousand island and iceberg lettuce which is more than the Big Mac can say. So just in case you were wondering after seeing the billboards up around town for the thing, it’s a good buy.


The most interesting thing about it to me, and may be the reason why I want to compare it to the Big Mac, was the fact that the Roast Burger came in a cardboard box rather than a wrapper, something that I had never seen before at Arby’s. I couldn’t find anything that could indicate which was worse for the environment but I would guess that it would be the cardboard box. It definitely seemed to be meatier than the paper wrapper though I suppose you could throw the cardboard in the recycling as if that is likely to happen.


With this new "burger," if you can call it that, the mystery over the direction that Arby’s is going grows more enigmatic. First chicken sandwiches, then market fresh and now this? The reimaging of Arby’s into a kind of nice restaurant while still remaining a peer to the likes of McDonalds and Burger King will be an interesting one. For me, I’ll stay loyal through whatever they decide to do. I was sold on the curly fries years ago.