Single-payer system needed

Jon Schrober

Yesterday, The Minnesota Daily brought together the reality of the world we live: Even young people are affected by the lack of health care coverage. A staggering 18 percent âÄî some experts believe the nationwide number might be as high as 27 percent âÄî go every day without health care. This statistic brings the argument for affordable health care reform shockingly close to home. Imagine sitting in a class of 100 people, knowing at least 10 of those sitting in class are going without even basic medical coverage. In many homes around campus this means at least one of the residents are without health coverage. This puts a very human face on the problem. These are no longer numbers but classmates, roommates and friends. The human face brings another reason to change the system. We cannot continue to work within a system which allows even young people, traditionally the healthiest people, to go without insurance. Several pieces of legislation are calling for a single-payer system both in Minnesota and on the federal level. A single-payer system would extend medical coverage to nearly all Minnesotans and ensure a fairer, more equitable way of insuring our population. A healthy life should not be reserved only for those who can afford it but should be considered a human right for everyone. Jon Schrober Daily reader