Response to Eric Bressler’s autism letter

Eric Bressler seems to be seriously naïve if he really believes that multiple studies have shown that vaccines and autism are not linked. Is he referring to, for example, a well-known Danish study conducted by the Danish Serum Institute that manufactures vaccines and exports 80 percent of its production? Or the famous North Thames study of which the author refuses to release certain documents or the dozens of others funded by the pharmaceutical industry? I am even more convinced by the Cumbria study of 29,000 school-age children in the United Kingdom which found immune conditions such as asthma, allergies, eczema and psoriasis to be up to 14 times greater in vaccinated children than in unvaccinated children. Not double or triple, but 14 times more, and of course the study didnâÄôt look at autism. Here I prefer my own extensive trawling of the unvaccinated population (childhood vaccines) of some 3 million in the United Kingdom, which for more than 10 years has failed to find a single wholly unvaccinated autistic individual. Tony Bateson Daily reader