Aurora to receive men’s coordinator

Daily Editorial Board

After fighting what seemed to be an uphill battle with the Student Services Fees Committee, the Aurora Center has received funding from an alternate source to create a menâÄôs engagement coordinator position. The committee had a reasonable rationale for not using student fees to fund the position. But thankfully, the Office for Student Affairs has stepped in and will provide money to fund the position for at least two years. Once that initial period ends, administrators will assess the postâÄôs impact, which is set to begin this summer. As sexual assault remains a serious issue on college campuses nationwide, prevention strategies are moving from risk prevention to focusing on societal norms and gender identities. These trends show the growing need for a male engagement coordinator at the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Aurora Center. While entities as diverse as the Obama administration and the Minnesota Student Association continue campaigns aimed at preventing and ending sexual assault, putting in place a full-time staff member to engage men is a crucial step forward. The menâÄôs engagement coordinator will be tasked with creating and implementing campus programming in areas such as bystander intervention and conversations of masculinity. Sexual assault prevention is an intricate task that requires great understanding of social psychology, gender roles and societal norms, among many other areas. That said, the menâÄôs engagement coordinator should fill a crucial void in prevention mechanisms at the University, and we are glad to see the position is taking form.