Daily Digest: Stem cells & whole grain foods

Lisa Zehner

Welcome to Daily Digest as the Election Day dust settles and a Senate race recount is just around the corner. Here are just a few news tidbits briefly (apologies for the redundancies):

·         A University of Minnesota study found that eating whole grain foods can decrease the risk of heart failure, according to Top News India. The researchers analyzed exams of more than 14,000 adults, and found that intake of eggs in any form increased risk by 23 percent and high-fat dairy foods like whole milk, cheese and ice cream increased risk by 8 percent. In other words, enjoy that oatmeal or grits (if you’re from the south) or whole-grain cereal and bread.

·         In more medical-type news, Stem-cell research turned 10 yesterday, according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That was when the first report appeared of human cells being isolated and grown by scientists at Madison. Leo Furcht, head of University of Minnesota’s department of laboratory medicine and pathology is featured in the article.

·         Since I had mentioned the recount for the Senate race, here is an article in MPR that talks about some voters choosing Barack Obama, but not Democratic candidate Al Franken.

Well, that’s it for today. Enjoy your Thursday and stay warm.