Tuesday’s elections a grand old party

Bob Koss

Tuesday night was a colossal victory for conservatism in America, a mere 12 months after the Democrats and the media declared it lifeless. To the dismay of the left, voters came out in droves for the conservative movement Tuesday, showing the same passion and vigor they had in August at the health reform town hall meetings. A blowout gubernatorial win in Virginia and an upset in liberal New Jersey âÄî which had gone to President Barack Obama by some 15 points a year ago âÄî have laid the foundation with which conservatives can bring this country back to the right. Bob McDonnellâÄôs campaign in Virginia largely resembled Chris ChristieâÄôs own fight in New Jersey. Their campaigns attracted independents and moderate Democrats by utilizing two principle themes: low taxes and job creation. Their campaign strategy ought to be taught to every potential GOP candidate in 2010. They did not delve into social issues the way Mike Hucka-phony likes to do with evangelicals. The Democratic Party is already spinning the election in their favor and downplaying its significance (Obama claiming he didnâÄôt watch, Pelosi exclaiming the left won). Theirs is a party running scared at the moment, and every moderate elected official is contemplating his or her job security right now. This election made it clear that this GOP is no longer the party of John McCain, Colin Powell and Arlen Specter. This GOP is made up of red-blooded Reaganites who believe in American prosperity through lower taxes, more jobs and less government. Do not be fooled by the likes of Pelosi, Reid and Obama. There is panic en masse at the Democratic National Committee today. The support of independents and moderate Democrats make one Grand Old Party. Bob Koss University undergraduate student