Fight against hate

In our diverse surroundings, University students should stand up for others.

Editorial board

Hate crimes have always been a problem in all cultures, but they have no place in 21st century America. Recent events have shown us the cruel, intolerant side of some people.

The article “Out in public: âÄòClouded by fearâÄô” in the Oct. 17 issue of the Minnesota Daily shared the story of a gay University of Minnesota couple who were beaten solely because they are gay. While holding hands in downtown Minneapolis, the couple was ambushed by a group of men.

In addition, a recent University of Minnesota-Duluth graduate Sarah Stewart is now writing about the racism she experienced throughout her college career. She is warning others not to make the mistake she made of staying at UMD in the face of this racism.

These hateful acts are unacceptable. As students, we are constantly encountering new people and new experiences. There should be no tolerance for the hate crimes and racism in these examples. Hate will always exist, but we cannot let it express itself in violence and harassment.

For those who do experience violence and hurtful words, there should be more resources for recovery and help. The University offers help in almost all areas, like financial aid, studying, mental health, physical health and even conflict resolution. The University should offer more help for students experiencing discrimination, such as a center or counselors to speak with at any time.

In a nation that fails to treat gays as equals under the law and institutionally discriminates against many other groups, we must fight for the safety and equal treatment of all individuals.

No one should experience harmful trauma like those mentioned above. In such a progressive and open environment, students must fight against this type of wrongdoing.