Super bowl QUIZ: What’s your chip personality?

Lucy Nieboer

Figuring out the perfect chip to bring to your friend's super bowl party can be a challenge. With so many different varieties out there, it's easy to get lost in a crispy sea. Take this quiz to discover your chip personality!

What is your favorite TV. show?

A. Anything on Nick @ Nite. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

B. The evening news. You like being informed about your local community.

C. South Park. You've been working on your Cartman impersonation for YEARS.

D. The Red Green Show. A Canadian sketch comedy series about fixing cars and the outdoors — does it get any better?

Who are you rooting for in this Super bowl?


B. The Ravens. Their stats have been great this year, so it's likely they'll win. 

C. Beyonce. She's so hot. 

D. The 49ers were your team in the eighties, and they'll do you no wrong this year either.

What's your favorite part of the Super bowl?

A. Laughing with all your old friends at the crazy times you used to have.

B. The game. duh.

C. Those commercials, man! That is some funny stuff.

D. Watching American men throw around the pigskin.

Who do you wish was performing at the halftime show?

A. Puff Daddy. He was so much better before he changed his name so many times. 

B. Susan Boyle. She has the voice of an angel.

C. Nickelback. They rock.

D. Willie Nelson. That man has soul.

Mostly A: Cool Ranch Doritos You like everything reminiscent of the late nineties and early 2000s. You keep the retro style in your chip selection. Once a staple of every school lunch and late night pizza party, these once cool-kids-only snack have fallen by the wayside. Good for you for being a tried and true fan. 

Mostly B: Kettle Chips You enjoy the simple things in life. You're a little boring, and a little bland. You don't pop chips into your mouth and munch. That's unseemly. You prefer to nibble them carefully bite by bite. 

Mostly C: Dill Pickle Potato Chips Your favorite outfit is a pair of Family Guy pajama pants and a witty t-shirt. You're trying your hardest to get out of your parents basement and into your own place, but when mom supplies a constant stream of snacks and dad is always down for a game of Settlers of Catan, it's hard to move on. You're constantly brushing the dill pickle chip crumbs onto the floor for someone else to vacuum up. 

Mostly D: Fritos You're a bit of an old geezer. You like the classics for your entertainment and your food. Fritos have always been your favorite chip, and they will always be your favorite chip.