Unfair career fair, sponsored by Target

I am a student in a College of Science and Engineering class, and last week a flyer was distributed in a lecture hall advertising the CSE career fair. I attended the workshop and was extremely dismayed to find that the opening part of the event was devoted to sponsored content from Target.

Nowhere in any of the advertising for the event was there mention of sponsored content. It had nothing to do with the stated purpose of the event.  My time as a student of the University is precious to me, as evidenced by the tuition I pay. I feel insulted that the organizers of this event decided that they had license to expose me to advertisement as a condition to receiving career training, which is a vital part of my education.

I believe that as a member and contributor to the University community, I ought to be able to trust that communication about University events will not be misleading and that University officials will disclose the inclusion of sponsored content.