Wally’s Market burglarized again

Also, two minors say a gun-wielding man chased them through the Como neighborhood.

WallyâÄôs Corner Market was burglarized early Friday morning âÄî the second burglary at the small market this month. A suspect destroyed the lock on the front door and broke into a cabinet and the register, owner Bobby Banat said. The suspect only made off with cigarettes, lottery tickets and change, since no cash is kept in the store past hours, the police report stated. However, if the lottery tickets are redeemed, they could be identified as stolen by the state of Minnesota. Banat described the suspect as a tall male wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Despite the break-ins, Banat said he feels Como is still a safe neighborhood. âÄúIâÄôve been here since 2003, and itâÄôs been a really good neighborhood, just things happening here and there,âÄù Banat said. âÄúBut it needs more police watch that it did before.âÄù Video surveillance of the crime was given to Minneapolis police. The reporting officer recommended further investigation, the police report stated.

Children claim to be chased by armed man

Police are investigating a claim by two children that they were chased by a man wielding multiple guns near the Como Student Community Cooperative Monday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. The children, ages eight and 11, claimed that a man holstered a black pistol and a brown barreled rifle. However, there are many inconsistencies in their story, University of Minnesota police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. First, the children claimed they were chased by the man, but in speaking with other officers claimed the man ran into the housing complexâÄôs office. âÄúThey claimed the man ran into the [housing complex] office with two visible guns,âÄù Miner said, âÄúbut employees on duty said they did not see anything.âÄù The young age of the reporting children also causes University police to question the credibility of the story, Miner said. âÄúEspecially when the child is as young as eight years old, it gets a little questionable.âÄù Police will spend a few days investigating the case, Miner said, but expects it was a misunderstanding by the children.

Men cited for trespassing on 35W bridge wreckage

University police cited a 19-year old man and an 18-year old woman for trespassing in the fenced-in site that holds the twisted wreckage from the I-35W bridge collapse. State patrol caught the trespassers on their 24-hour surveillance cameras in the area and alerted University police. Initially, police thought the two people were spray painting the wreckage, but could not find any paint on the twisted metal beams. If they were caught spray painting the wreckage, they would have been charged with criminal damage to property, Miner said.